Free Space Isolator

Free-space isolators can be divided into polarization-dependent and polarization-independent types. Polarization-dependent isolators are also called Faraday isolators, which are mainly composed of polarizers (vertical polarization), Faraday rotators and analyzers (combined with polarizers). The deflection axis is 45°) composed of three parts.

Polarization-independent isolator is mainly composed of birefringent crystal (or polarizer), Faraday rotator and half-wave plate. It is usually used in fiber lasers to effectively maintain the stability of the optical system.

VCHUNG uses high-quality magneto-optical crystals with low absorption, high extinction ratio, low loss, etc. The product performance is excellent and reliable, the peak isolation can reach 45dB, the maximum transmittance ≥95%, and the largest aperture 45mm, while accepting customer customization.

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