MPO Guide Pins

MPO guide pin is also called PIN pin. It is used to guide and align the MPO/MTP optical fiber connector of the MP series. The guide pin is inserted into the other connector without PIIN pin through the connector with PIN pin at one end. The guide pin hole assists the precise alignment of the optical fiber.

PIN needles have ultra-high precision requirements, so they have considerable technical content in terms of manufacturing. According to the accuracy of the guide pins, they are divided into multi-mode (MM), single-mode (SM), and low loss (Low Loss). Low loss requires the highest precision. Secondly, single-mode, multi-mode, solid low-loss, single-mode and multi-mode PIN guide pins are at different prices. Obviously, in use, high-precision PIN pins can be substituted for low-precision PIN pins, and low-precision PIN pins cannot be replaced. High-precision guide pin, otherwise it will directly affect the insertion loss (Insertion Loss). The ultra-precision of the MPO guide pin must be very stable after entering the guide pin hole of the ferrule. The quality of the GUIDE PIN directly affects the insertion loss value of the MPO/MTP connector.

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