Vchung’ 800G OSFP the electrical interface of an OSFP connector consists of 8 electrical lanes, each running at 100Gb/s for a total bandwidth of 800Gb/s. 800G OSFP optical module includes two architecture solutions, 4x100Gx2 and 8X100G. In addition to the traditional EML design, it also adopts silicon-based solution to meet short-distance transmission needs.We provides a comprehensive 800G OSFP optical transceiver portfolio, such as OSFP SR8, OSFP DR8, OSFP DR8+, OSFP LR, OSFP 2FR4, OSFP 2LR4 and OSFP FR8. The products of this series comply with IEE802.3ck and OSFP MSA standards, and support CMIS4.0. The products are mainly used in 800G Ethernet, data centers and cloud networks.

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